Top Ten Best of 2018, Part II

Well, here we are, nearly two weeks into the new year of 2019. In this time, we’ve seen the release of Escape Room, Replicas, and A Dog’s Way Home, none of which I have seen but all will surely be instant classics well regarded long after January 2019. After all, January isn’t known as the fertile film soil of the year for nothing.

With nothing to see, I may as well wrap up last year. The previous post chronicled 10-6 of the best of the year and lets bid farewell to 2018 by celebrating the 5 best movies I saw this year. Continue reading →


Dylan’s Top Ten Best of 2018, Part I.

Ah, another year, another ‘Best Of’ list. 2018 was a wild year. We got some great films, as we’re about to see, and boy did we got some terrible films. I considered doing a ‘Worst Of’ list, but there’s only so much breath one can waste on films I wouldn’t recommend seeing (But for completion’s sake, the worst movies I saw this year (in ascending order of bad-ness) were Robin HoodTomb Raider, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom).  Instead, it seems prudent we focus on what I think you should see, the best of the best, the cream of the crop that 2018 had to give us.

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New Movie Review, ‘A Simple Favor’ (2018)

This review starts with a story, a tale of woe, a yarn of infinite sadness if you will. My local theatre had a handful of showings of the original Jurassic Park in honor of its twenty-fifth anniversary. There was simply no way, come heaven or hell, I would miss the opportunity to see Jurassic goddamn Park. So, my sister and I made plans to go see it. Smash cut to an hour before the showing: turns out the last showing was the previous night. Tears were shed. Shadows became darker, and all hope seemed lost. With no happiness or purpose left in my withered body, I told my sister to just pick a movie, any movie and we’ll go see that. She picked A Simple Favor. Continue reading →

State of the Blog and ‘Thoroughbreds’ (2018) Sort-of Review

Okay, gosh, hello everyone. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a review, so I’m here to let you all know that I’m not dead (not yet, at least) and that reviews are incoming. Despite my absence, I’ve got half finished reviews for HostilesBlack Panther, and The Post in the works.  At some point, I plan to watch and review Continue reading →